Tailor made for crew allowances and expenses.

The RedPay card allows your crew to easily receive per diem allowances directly onto the card and to manage their account on a simple to use app.

Globally accepted

A Mastercard solution, accepted in over 190 countries.

Convenient for the airline to manage allowances and for the crew member to have a globally accepted card with 15 international currencies built in to reduce FX charges.

With simple, centralised control of the program, RedPay makes it easy, cost effective and convenient for both the airline and crew to manage per diem allowances and to spend using the card online and in person internationally or to transfer the funds back to their primary bank account.

Key Features & Benefits.

Prepaid-based solution

No credit check required so 100% of crew accepted and issued with a card wherever they are stationed in the world.

Safer than cash

Unlike cash, if a prepaid card is lost or stolen, the money can be recovered onto a new card.


Can be used internationally anywhere that Mastercard is accepted - online, in store, at ATMs, etc..


The MagStripe can be configured to work with physical security systems as an ID card and to automate triggering of payments when crew arrive for flight briefings.

Simple administration

Simple and quick to load and transfer funds between cards – crew can only spend what is loaded on their card. The “master” account can be interest-bearing for the airline.

Multi-currency card

Comes with 15 currency “buckets” on one single card as standard.

Airline branded

The standard card can also be branded in the airline’s colours and with their logo if required.

Emergency loading option

If a flight is forced to land in an emergency at an airport where your airline has no relationship, a designated card can be emergency loaded to allow them to pay for fuel, etc.

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